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Meet Our Artists!


Owner, Tattoo Artist, Senior Piercer // Neo Traditional 

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Hello and thank you for checking out Empress Tattoo! I’m a native Tennessean currently based in Chattanooga. When deciding where to open Empress, I could think of no better place than within my own neighborhood. I love being a part of the Highland Park community and I am excited to continue putting down roots here.

Currently I am focusing on neo-traditional style tattoos, and I particularly enjoy those inspired by nature.

I also have 11 years industry experience piercing, and ear curations and styling are my absolute favorite. 



Tattoo Artist // American Traditional

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Hey internet! I’m Jenn. I’m 29 and I’ve been tattooing for about 5 years. It’s the coolest job in the world and I’m so lucky I get to do it. Over the past five years, I’ve focused on creating a personal style that would incorporate the bold, classic look of American Traditional tattooing, with a more whimsical fun vibe. I love doing black and grey pieces with heavy contrast between the softer light tones and heavy dark tones. But my favorite pieces are usually fun full color, with muted pallets to give the pieces a more vintage/lived in feel. I love all subjects that you’d find on old school tattoo parlor flash walls. Roses, snakes, eagles, anything Sailor Jerry. I also love tattooing all kinds of flowers and bugs, foliage and critters, especially aquatic life. All kinds of fish, jellyfish, mermaids and seashells. Love it. I’ve recently been inspired by my love of the outdoors, creating fun mountain scapes and camping scenes.
I moved to Tennessee from Florida around a year ago. Mostly for the amazing access to climbing all throughout this area. I’ve made a lot of great friends in the climbing community, and I hope to tattoo more climbers. One of my goals on life is to travel, and hopefully tattoo along my way. So I want to get my name out there all over! Spread the word!

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Hi y'all! This is Via Sinclaire. I've been piercing for a little over two years and am in the midst of a tattoo apprenticeship. I've lived in Chattanooga my whole life and love itm, though I am excited to travel and meet more of the industry. Looking forward to meeting all of y'all!



Tattoo Artist // Traditional

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Hey what’s up guys! I’m Zac, I’ve been tattooing for two years now. I specialize in traditional tattoos. But also love to do, anime, stipple, script, neo traditional, and illustrative tattoos. I’ve lived in Chattanooga for about 15 years now. I’m super excited to get to know everyone, and very much honored to be apart of this talented shop!


Tattoo Artist // Fine Line

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Hello, I’m Kishan. I am a black-work artist, focusing on illustrative/ornamental black-work. My inspiration is derived from many things like scientific illustration, nature, and Victorian/ornamental patterns. The style I am developing is focused on fine line work, smooth gradient dot work; to heavy contrast.

Tattoo Artist // Fine Line

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