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The Empress Difference


1302 S. Willow Street

Our studio is located inside this beautifully renovated building nestled right in the heart of Highland Park, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The building was originally built in 1930, and still has many old world charms.


We take great pride in our friendly and welcoming environment. We want you do be as comfortable as possible during your visit.


Our number one concern is your safety, therefore Empress Tattoo is an all disposable studio. This means no instrument used on you has ever been used on anyone else. A fully disposable tattoo procedure allows us to tattoo you with the safest method possible in the industry.


From our piercing room to our tattoo rooms, you will have all the privacy you need during your appointment.

Additionally, Empress is proud to be a fully vegan tattoo studio! From our ink to our aftercare, even the chair you sit in! 

Have questions about our vegan friendly products? Curious about how we insure a clean and sterile environment?

Feel free to call the shop at (423) 427-6642.

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