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Book a Piercing

By Appointment Only.  18+ Only

Use the form below to book a piercing, schedule a jewelry change, or to shop for jewelry! 
We are not taking walk-ins at this time, so please schedule an appointment to ensure that a piercer is available when you come in to the shop.

To book a tattoo consult, please message the shop.

Piercing Fees:
*Jewelry is sold separately.
Earlobe: $40
Conch: $40
Helix: $40
Nostril: $40
Snug: $40
Anti Tragus: $40
Septum: $45 (Schedule with Via)

Forward Helix: $45
Tragus: $45
Daith: $45
Rook: $45
Vertical Labret: $50
Nipples: $40 ($80 set)
Lip: $45

Navel: $45
Industrial: $50
We do not pierce minors. 18+ only. No exceptions.

Jewelry is sold separately. If you have questions about jewelry pricing, please message the shop.

If you'd like to purchase jewelry, please schedule a jewelry shopping appointment to ensure a piercer is available to sell you jewelry in the proper sizes and gauges. 

Please schedule one booking per person. If you are getting multiple piercings, please select the *multiple piercing* option, and leave a note of what piercings you're getting.

We are no longer booking group appointments. Please schedule one appointment per person. If you would like to get one piercing, please select the One Piercing option. If you'd like to get multiple piercings, select the Multiple Piercing option.

** Please read our Piercing Policy before you book. If you book an appointment through our website, you are agreeing that you have read and accept our policy.**
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